Each Subcommittee is tied directly to one of the YPC’s primary initiatives. They are intended to work together fluently to accomplish related goals while efficiently pursuing the specific missions of each initiative.

Initiative Subcommittees:


Initiative I – Education Subcommittee

Chair: Heather Henck

The Education team is in charge of providing education and development opportunities to the members of YPC. This includes supplying YPC Peers for the Tolling Immersion Program, supporting the IBTTA Mentorship program, and organizing educational events such as webinars for the YPC membership.

Initiative II – Network Subcommittee

Chair: Anthony Sgro

The Network team is responsible for cultivating a network and image between the Young Professionals Council and the tolling and mobility industry as a whole and especially with IBTTA. This can include events like roundtables with executives and established professionals or be focused on increasing YPC representation within IBTTA’s events and committees.

Initiative III – Community Subcommittee

Chair: Andrew Bunn

The Community team is tasked with guiding YPC’s internal culture and fostering relationships between members, both casual and professional. The Community team will organize and execute internal events such as lunch hours, create a deliberate pipeline for new members, manage the Discord Forum, and work with the other subcommittees to ensure a cohesive experience across the YPC.

Administrative Subcommittees:

Administrative subcommittees branch directly from the Steering Committee and are tasked with certain groups of administrative duties that are necessary for the smooth operation of an organization but not related to specific goals of the YPC.


Chair: Robert Kopelk

The goal of the Finance Subcommittee is to raise, budget, and track money for both general YPC operations and for specific events. This team is responsible for developing an annual budget and spending plan as well as working with sponsors, which may require personal solicitation, marketing, and campaign development.


Chair: Emily Gauci

Vice-Chair: Sharon Adair

This subcommittee will develop a media/marketing plan to promote YPC membership and events. Responsible for all communication with the YPC membership at large and external communications. This group will maintain the website as well as handle any marketing efforts.